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We are people just like you – people with hopes and dreams, headaches and heartaches, failures and successes.  We certainly aren’t perfect, and by no means believe we have arrived in life.  However we do affirm that the answer to all of life’s needs is found in the person of Jesus Christ.



We are a community that believes that life is about God’s grace and glory in Jesus Christ.  God has shown us kindness in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus.  Through faith in the person and work of Jesus Christ, we believe that a person can receive forgiveness from God, cross from separation from God, to an intimate, secure relationship with God.  This is an eternal relationship that extends from this life into all eternity.  This is all God’s grace – past, present, and future.  As a community of faith followers, with joy and gratitude we seek to live out the grace we have experienced.  In gracious, loving relationship with each other and those around us, we desire to allow His love to flow through us.


We are a community that believes God reveals what He is like and teaches His redemptive plan in the Bible.  We are people who believe that the Bible is the inspired, breathed Word of God, preserved for us so that we might know His heart, His values, and live the virtues He desires.  Therefore, we are committed to the diligent and careful study of the Bible.


We are a church – a community of Christ followers, who have affirmed faith in Christ, and are committed together to live for mutual edification, collective worship, and witness and blessing to the world.