Thank you for worshiping our Lord through your financial giving

Here at Grace Bible Church, we believe one of the ways God has given His people to express their adoration, love, and acknowledgement of His worthiness is through financial giving. Through the offering up our financial and material possessions, we express His ultimate rightful ownership of all things and our delegated stewardship and management of these tangible items. The gifts and offerings given to Grace Bible Church are carefully managed to continue to extend the good news of Christ throughout the world and strengthen and enable His local witness. In our current technological age, this link is provided not in an effort of solicitation but as a convenient option through which you can worship and give locally to support the work of His body through Grace Bible Church.

To make your online gift, simply click the button below. You are welcome to review the additional information below about online giving. May God bless you as you worship Him and support His work.

Additional information

This online giving is provided for your convenience. You may make a one-time offering or set up recurring gifts – you have the options. This link allows you to do it seamlessly with just a few clicks. No need or hassle to write checks or handle cash – simply use a debit or credit card.

With online giving, you have full control over your gifts. Schedule new contributions at your convenience and make modifications or cancellations any time before the scheduled date.

We prioritize your security and privacy. Our encrypted and secure website ensures the protection of your personal information and giving history. As soon as you give, you’ll receive an instant email with the details of your generous contribution. You can stay organized and keep track of your giving history within our mobile app. Your information will always remain confidential and will never be shared with third parties.