Grace Pillars

Firmly founded upon Jesus Christ as the foundation of the church and our lives, we are practically committed to certain “pillars” that focus us on Christ and guide us in helping hold up and hold out grace-filled truth to a world in need.

Grace pillars

Communicating God’s Word for transformed lives . . . We are committed to communicating God’s Word in a practical manner for more than mere information, but life transformation. The lessons and messages at Grace are historically accurate and practically relevant to the 21st century where we live.

Developing and deepening relationships

God created us as relational beings – for relationships – first with Him and then with others. We are committed to developing and nurturing relationships so that we might live out Christ’s command to “love one another.”

Engaging in Christ-centered worship

At Grace we believe that our worship ought to be centered on the person and work of Jesus Christ, and personally engaging as we joyfully celebrate a risen and living Savior.

Believing firmly in God’s power through prayer

We believe in humbly calling upon the God of all power, with whom nothing is too difficult, no situation too complex, and who desires to work His will in our situations.

Training for following Christ

We embrace the Great mission of “helping people become authentic followers of Christ.” All our teaching and relationships have the common goal of living out the reality of Christ in us.